APEX: The Bluefin Tuna Controversy

Honorable Mention, People's Choice Winter 2022

By: Ashley Kenney, Celina Lee, Cole Peloquin, Katie Duong, Nico Carpo

Overfished, overpriced, and overburdened – explore the controversy surrounding bluefin tuna through APEX, a digital museum exhibition.


Bluefin tuna are an apex predator, playing a key role in many ecosystems. A migratory species, bluefin tuna are the largest tuna variety and can live up to 40 years long.

Bluefin tuna is also considered an apex in many cuisines. The fish can be found at the centerpiece of many Asian and Mediterranean dishes, and are one of the highest priced fish on the market.

But bluefin tuna are severely overfished, leading to concerns of environmental and ecological sustainability – we are at the apex of the overfishing crisis given the increasing social and cultural demand for bluefin tuna.

To the curators, APEX is the culmination and amalgamation of the crisis and controversy surrounding bluefin tuna across the globe. APEX invites the viewer to further explore and understand and consider the different perspectives behind this controversy.

This is APEX, a digital museum exploring the bluefin tuna controversy.

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