The Biological Clock: The Surrogacy Issue

Award for pulling it together despite EVERYTHING

By: Hennah Shamel, Ramya Madhavpeddi, Bethlehem Wolkeba, Alondra Gavilan-Mendez

Redefining parenthood- a look into the assistive reproductive technology (ART) growing in popularity.

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Everyone has got an opinion on it. Ask your mother, ask your coworker, ask your neighbor, ask a Gen Z, and you are sure to get a plethora of answers. And with so many questions, potential answers, and opinions circulating the topic of surrogacy, demarcating what constitutes it has become confusing. Surrogacy arose in the 1970s as assisted reproductive technology began to really take off. Over fifty years later, the topic of surrogacy gets many people to the edge of their seats still. And it all boils down to this: we are redefining parenthood. Let’s dive in to this a bit further.

You pulled it together! I had faith, and the result is amazing— a really rich magazine that gets richer and more interesting with every page, turning a controversal issue (surrogacy) into a story about families and diversities of experience… a sensitive and thoughtful project on a topic I -thought- I knew a lot about already! –Prof. Kelty

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