Blood is Thicker Than Water

Spring 2022 Honorable Mention for the People's Choice Award

By: Caitlin Ciardelli, Salma Fawzi, Angie Ho, Theresa Denise Llera, and Emari Oyola

DNA as the Map to Family Reunification

Blood is Thicker Than Water: DNA is the Map to Family Reunification consists of an in depth analysis of each country with a specific topic focus that falls under the broad category of genetic testing and family reunification. Argentina will be the focus of the first legal precedent for defending identity as a human right, El Salvador will be used to spotlight the effects of large-scale grassroots efforts for family reunification independent from government aid, Brazil will contextualize the usage of genetic technology and DNA collection for family reunification, China will look at unethical genomic data collection, and the United States will further analyze genetic databases utilized in reunification missions.

Blood is Thicker Than Water: SocGen 108 Spring 22

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