The Debate Surrounding The Body Positivity Movement

By: Alyssa Pelak, Jisel Miranda, Kaila Daniels

So is the Body Positivity Movement really THAT positive?

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Body positivity refers to the belief that all people deserve to have a positive body image. The goals of this movement include promoting the acceptance of all bodies, building the confidence and acceptance of all people, and addressing unrealistic body standards. While some see the body positivity movement as a platform for the acceptance of all kinds of bodies, many individuals do not agree with all aspects of the movement. First, many claim that the movement encourages unhealthy lifestyles and glorifies obesity (Cohen, 2020). Other critics acknowledge that the movement fails to include and represent all bodies, genders, races, and abilities. Finally, the content associated with the movement still heavily focuses on appearance, maintaining our societal focus on looks. After you finish reading this magazine, we hope that you gain a degree of knowledge on the topics of body positivity, metabolic health, and the correlations between body image and social media. This knowledge will then allow you to decide where you stand on the debate on The Body Positivity Movement. Body Magazine is not a persuasive magazine. This magazine has the pure goal of informing the reader of the connections between the societal and biological sides of The Body Positivity Movement and where these two sectors intersect, collide, and coincide.

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