Calling the Shots

Award for most effective way to start an important discussion and still have fun

By: Callie Howard, Maia Rodriguez-Choi, Riya Shah, Sapna Ramappa

An exciting card game about gender and athletics!

Download the game and instructions

In the current paradigm, there are a multitude of state-level legislative pieces that are attempting to restrict transgender individuals from playing in sports, and our game has taken a deep dive to understand the cultural, legal, political, biological, and social implications of the inclusion and/or exclusion of transgender athletes. There is a wide knowledge gap with regards to the science of transgender athletes; there are only a handful of case scenarios and scientific studies, yet these few examples are used to sway legislation. We created this game to depict the arbitrary nature of many policies that are used to exclude transgender athletes from playing on sports teams at high school, college, and competitive levels. Ultimately, this project seeks to demonstrate the complexity of concepts like sex and gender, and challenge the use of these rather subjective categories to inform widespread policies.

An outstanding way to provoke deep discussion about a surprisingly complicated issue. This is a fantastically clever game, with the power to make people think and discuss this issue. One of the best examples i’ve seen of distilling complicated research into an accessible but still deep debate. kudos! – Prof. Kelty"

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