Reefs: The HBS Way

Award for including the planet in the HBS Way

By: Adam Eliav, Ashley Fallon, and Luis Lopez

A magazine about the global threat to coral reeds and what it means for humans.

Read online at the Canva website

Or download [the whole magazine here](/magazine/Coral Reefs Magazine.pdf).

From the magazine:

“Severe coral bleaching events are becoming increasingly common due to anthropogenic climate change (“Unprecedented 3 years of global coral bleaching,” 2018). In developed countries, the burning of fossil fuels for large industry is releasing carbon pollution into the atmosphere at an unprecedented rate, warming our oceans and overwhelming our wildlife. In particular, corals are incredibly thermally sensitive. Therefore, prolonged changes in ocean temperature can trigger coral bleaching events, causing reefs to die entirely (What is Coral Bleaching and What Causes It, 2020). According to UNESCO, if we continue emitting greenhouse gases at this rate, all coral reefs in major reef-containing World Heritage sites may disappear by the end of the century.”

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