The Cost of Fashion

By: Brittney Le, Catie Tanji, Gabriela Aguilar, Isabella Masserman, Salma Quintanilla

Our project discusses the various problems that are mitigated by the fast fashion industry, including: the exploitation of mainly women and children garment workers, the environmental effects that leads to a climate crisis, as well as creating inhabitable communities in low and middle income countries.

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The recent upward trends in consumerism have created a relentless cycle of demand and supply where buyers have constant access to the hottest clothing items on the market. This pump and dump of textiles has been labeled “fast fashion” and is defined by the quick manufacturing of low-quality products for consumers. The consequences of fast fashion have a negative biological and social impact on garment workers who work in these factories. This magazines aims to educate people who are unaware of these effects as well as advocate for garment workers. This magazine mimics the style of a fashion catalog, but instead of advertisements with clothes, you will find articles that pertain to issues surrounding garment workers. You will be able to read engaging article entries pertaining to fast fashion, with captivating visuals about clothing and circumstances garment workers are placed in. The first section is a general summary about what fast fashion is. The next sections, in order, regard general labor issues garment workers face, environmental consequences workers are exposed to, and to conclude, corporate responsibility and how consumers can make educated choices about their next clothing purchase. We hope by the end of the magazine, readers leave with more knowledge about the growing fashion industry.

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