COVID-19 & Homelessness

By: Vanessa De La Torre, Michelle Dickey, Huongly Do, Ellie Kim, Jazmine Salazar

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the biological and social well-being of our unhoused neighbors.

How is the homeless population’s health being affected by Covid-19?

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Young individuals will be our future leaders and advocates for individuals experiencing homelessness particularly in California. We want to help build our audiences’ empathy and inspire action through our Instagram profile (@covid19_and_homelessness) and corresponding blog website. We hope this can be an educational tool to help young people better understand the unique biological and social impact of COVID-19 on homeless populations. We seek to answer the question of how the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed underlying inequalities and shortcomings in our systems and how others can use this information to catalyze long lasting social change.


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