Fauxgue, The Obesity Magazine

By: Lisa Bang, Tara Shooshani, Sarah Tan, and Connie Tran

A magazine about the the obesity paradox and the complex bio-social aspects of fat.

Read the whole magazine here.

From the magazine:

“The obesity paradox provides insight into cultural and scientific definitions and perceptions of obesity that pervade social, political, and professional spheres of life. The pushback against studies supporting the existence of the paradox may serve to show the heavily ingrained and stubborn association of obesity and poor health. Scientific research and discovery circularly inform and are informed by obesity stigma and health stereotypes. Rather than arguing about technicalities in experimental and structural bias, which is present in all human activity, efforts should focus on utilizing these contradictory findings to convey that our preconceptions of what it means to be healthy and obese are not, by definition, mutually exclusive (34).”

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