2028: That's Fracked Up--Environmental and Social Impacts of Fracking

By: Christoper Jamali, Gabby Le, Ramya Natarajan, Swetha Sundaram, and Harrison Wang

We analyze the political, social, racial, and health implications of fracking near communities, which has released a host of air and water chemicals into local neighborhoods..

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The rise of fracking, or hydraulic “fracturing,” has released many air and water pollutants into local drilling sites. This is harmful to the communities around these sites, which are often socioeconomically low, rural, or minority communities. This is thus an interdisciplinary topic that requires interdisciplinary research for viable solutions. In our podcast, “That’s Fracked Up,” we explore the political and financial history behind the rise of fracking, and then discuss the biology and chemistry of the pollutants involved in the fracking process. These are then used to discuss the health and psychological problems caused by fracking, and then explore some of the racial disparity issues fracking exacerbates. All of these perspectives are then used to suggest sustainable, holistic solutions for communities impacted by fracking.

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