Frankenfish or Superfood?

By: Tiffany Chen, Eghosa Ogbeide, Clara Song, Ruby Tang, Jaqueline Villa-Casarrubias

Frankenfish or Superfood? Only time will tell what’s fishing on our plate…

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In this interactive simulation, we will explore the controversy regarding the sale of the first genetically modified (GM) salmon (AquAdvantage) that was FDA approved in 2015 and marked safe for consumption. As a superfood, these GM fish grow twice as fast as wild salmon. Despite being genetically modified, they are considered biologically identical to wild salmon. They have great potential to help combat food insecurity because they can be sold at lower cost. However, as Frankenfish, these fish are transgenic (contain foreign genetic material), so their effect on the environment and human body is poorly understood. Furthermore, their existence is rooted in the corporatization and colonization of an animal sacred to indigenous people.

Throughout this interactive simulation, you will explore the world from the perspective of a salmon. You will start off as an egg, and grow into an adult salmon. This will comprise five different stages: roe, development, identity formation, maturation, and fate.

While growing up, you will face questions about your identity – do you want to end up as a wild salmon or a genetically modified (GM) salmon? What are the biological, social, legal, ethical, cultural, and economic implications of your decision?

Throughout the simulation, you will be able to click to continue your journey and think about your final fate!

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