Geriatric Guradians: Social Isolation in the Geriatric Population

By: Vardaan Bal, Esperanza Ceja, Shreya Jaipuriyar, Lindsay Masukawa, Estelle Yao

We’re trying to protect the elderly from COVID-19 via social distancing - but how much harm comes with social isolation for the geriatric population? Learn from an advocacy group battling elderly loneliness.

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The circumstances of COVID-19 have not created new problems - rather, it has shined a light on the weaknesses within the infrastructure of our healthcare system. Insurance is not comprehensive, resources are scarce, and knowledge is limited. In particular, we have seen how vulnerable the geriatric population is to social isolation, which often leads to loneliness. This creates a cascade of negative physiological and psychological health effects that are inadequately addressed in our current healthcare system.

As a non-profit organization, we aim to not only raise awareness for this issue, but: increase access to individualized resources and coaching to combat loneliness, to provide technology for more sustainable social relationships, and to integrate telemedicine into nursing homes.

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