Male Birth Control: Where is it?

By: Annika Gillam, Ana Zepeda-Gutierrez, Katie Mann

A magazine exploring reasons why male birth control does not exist yet.

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“Why does male birth control not exist yet?” A pressing question with an elusive answer, the lack of male birth control options—aside from condoms, vasectomies, and withdrawal—has left some people, including us, itching for an answer.

Over the course of several weeks, we conducted research, compiled resources, and assembled this magazine with all the varying factors relating to male birth control methods. We establish baseline scientific knowledge of male reproductive anatomy and physiology, such as spermatogenesis and hormone systems, to aid understanding of potential birth control methods.

This basal understanding gives us the foundation to understand how, when, and where male birth control may target contraception. We then examine the history of both male and female birth control—the outlawing and then legalization of contraception, history of research into male contraceptives, and more. We also analyze questions like who male birth control would be for, why it matters, how accessible it might be, and other topics relating to the future of male birth control.

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