MetS: A Reader'S Digest About Metabolic Syndrome

3rd Place, People's Choice, Winter 2020 (tied)

By: Alyssa Besser, Sarah Holloway, & Olivia Schulist

A magazine about Metabolic Syndrome and the controversies surrounding disability.

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From the magazine:

“Metabolic syndrome is not a typical disease or disorder. It cannot be simply be defined, but can be conceptualized as a collection of risk factors that intersect with pathophysiology along with social and biological determinants of health”

“It is clear that metabolic syndrome is a condition that affects many people worldwide and intersects greatly with both human biology and society. Metabolic syndrome spans pathophysiology, neurology, biology, genetics, epigenetics, epidemiology, environmentalism, nutrition, sociology, politics, and more. At the core of the controversy, however, is whether the term “metabolic syndrome” is a useful term, and whether it should qualify individuals for disability benefits. Flip through the articles in this magazine to understand our take on metabolic syndrome and disability rights!”

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