Amplifying Voices: Midwives Mending Maternal Mortality

By: Karla Arevalo, Ayushi Shroff, Samira Torna, Michelle Tran

Amplifying Voices brings to you the struggles of birthgivers in their journey from pregnancy to postpartum and poses the midwifery model of delivery as a response to maternal mortality.

Maternal Marvels

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of Amplifying Voices where we share the stories and burden of those who struggle and fight every day to have their voice heard. This month, we are bringing to you the voices of women without whom we would not be here.


Starting with medical racism in maternal health, you will understand what racism is and how it makes itself shown in the medical field. Along with black mothers, racist attitudes affect refugees and immigrants with inequality in access to care and predisposed health outcomes. After a deep-dive into medical racism as experienced by Kira Johnson, you hear from Dr. Gragnani on her understanding of maternal mortality and the presence of implicit medical racism.

Switching gears from the social factors of maternal mortality, you’ll learn some of the biology and the medical causes of death in mothers. A quick knowledge check with a key-word will refresh your memory and prepare you for the discussion following the science on midwives and their role in maternal health. We address their past, their present role, their struggles, and what we envision for their future.

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