Nailed It! : The BS of EDCs in Nail Salons

By: Alfred Barrion, Grace Choe, Karina Garcia, Karyn How, Kaleb Jimenez

Nailed it! A worker’s module. Click to learn about EDC exposure in nail salons and how to support workers in nail salons.

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Our creative medium is a website module-like form of storytelling. The target audiences are nail salon workers and at-home nail salon workers. Additionally, we focus on various marginalized communities that are directly affected and exposed to EDCs in nail salons. Our project is a training module surrounding the adverse effects on the reproductive system surrounding EDC exposure. We aim to encompass all communities, and as such, we incorporate keywords in various languages regarding specific chemicals, PPE, ventilation, etc. A gap in knowledge we specifically shed light upon is the safety and lack of knowledge of exposure for at-home nail workers. Furthermore, we showcase various organizations that provide low-cost or free PPE to workers as well as highlight the legislative action that can be taken by workers and allies alike. Incoportioring the impacts of Social Determinants of Health is mentioned in our project as we understand the impact that these determinants can have on these individuals. As we continue, we will implement an overarching call to action. We look at how industries have attempted to “remove” chemicals from products while still being able to implement other harmful chemicals into said products. Overall, we highlight the role of the industry in nail salon exposure and the power dynamics at play here. For example, the discrepancy in labeling between consumer and salon-grade products. Furthermore, we draw attention to the need for more research surrounding the ingredients in salon products as many of these chemicals have potential EDC effects without having the EDC label.

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