Oregon Psilocybin Community Coalition: The Future of Measure 109

By: Daisy Yan, Jumana Roufail, Nell Mitchell, Talisa Rodarte

The Oregon Psilocybin Community Coalition is a social enterprise committed to ensuring safe, effective, equitable, historically informed, and sustainable implementation of Measure 109, psilocybin assisted therapy in Oregon – the first legal and medical-based psilocybin measure in the United States.

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Measure 109 is a ballot measure that was passed by the people of Oregon in November 2020. Measure 109, also known as the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act, directs the Oregon Health Advisory to enter a 2-year development phase and then, in January 2023, begin to “license and regulate the manufacturing, transportation, delivery, sale and purchase of psilocybin products and the provision of psilocybin services.” Psilocybin services will include therapy sessions, assisted by the consumption of psilocybin (colloquially known as “magic mushrooms” or “shrooms”). The passage of this measure follows two decades of research that have shown promising outcomes for using psychedelic assisted therapy to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance abuse disorders that have not been aided by other forms of therapy or medications. To aid in the development and implementation of psilocybin assisted therapy in Oregon – something that we believe is necessary and will create a paradigm shift in mental health care – we propose a social enterprise, The Oregon Psilocybin Community Coalition (OPCC). The bulk of our research surrounding the history of psilocybin usage, how it can be used for mental health treatment, other contentious topics regarding the decriminalization, medicalization, and legalization of psilocybin assisted therapy, as well as the proposed structure of OPCC can be found in our white paper. In addition, we have podcast recordings of our interview with Dr. Charles Grob, a renowned psychedelics researcher, and a discussion amidst ourselves on our thought process throughout the creation of this project. The white paper, podcasts, and resources we think would be helpful for those interested in learning more about psychedelic assisted therapy can all be found on the OPCC website.

Blowing my mind! Literally… this is an amazing whitepaper chock full of detailed information, thoughtful analysis, and spirited engagement with a complicated issue… I think you are all ready to move to Oregon and make this a reality!!! Plus podcasts and a website! Slow down! ;) —Prof Kelty

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