Panic! at the Household

By: Bryan Arreola, Olivia Bielskis, Megan Borda, Anisha Chandra, Alyssa Heston

Daily life in Kleenville isn’t boring. Choose-your-own-adventure in this game about EDCs in the household and neighborhood!

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In this game, we tell the stories of five individuals in Kleenville, a fictional suburban neighborhood. We follow these individuals throughout their day, as they navigate making choices in their households and their neighborhood. In the process, they must balance competing values of health, money, time, and effort, while considering exposures to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

This experience aims to guide the player through an interactive exploration of the varied ways by which EDCs impact different members of a community, through exposures inside and outside of the household. We aim to synthesize the biological complexity of endocrine disruption with equally nuanced social analysis by discussing the mechanisms underlying the adverse health effects of EDCs, the relative risk posed by different products containing EDCs, and how institutions, stakeholders, and consumers shape and interact with EDCs. Lastly, in the epilogue for each character, we aim to provide insight into their future as well as future directions for specific EDC-related topics covered in that character’s storyline.

Our project showcases how the social and biological issues interact in unique ways because each character is intentionally designed to incorporate a mix of different social and biological identities that can either generally increase or decrease their exposure to EDCs depending on the choices made by the player.

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