The Poison in Production: Exposing the chemical shackles behind 'farm to table in the California Central Valley

By: Alex Nechaev, Lulu Fan, Roselyn Mai, Valeria Rojas

An interactive experience exposing the inescapability of pesticides through the eyes of two fieldworkers in the California Central Valley.

Experience the Prototype

The purpose of this project is to examine the issue of pesticide exposure on negative health outcomes for farm workers (particularly immigrant Latina women) in the Central Valley Region of California. The aim of this magazine is to address the following central questions:

  1. What is really going on behind the scenes of one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions?
  2. How have pesticides become inescapable for certain populations?
  3. Who is responsible for workers' safety and how do we mitigate these health risks?

To answer these questions, the magazine will center around character profiles of a family of field workers from the Central Valley, specifically Greenfield, CA. We will explore both the biological role of pesticides as endocrine disruptors and the many other cultural and social factors that exacerbate negative health outcomes of field workers. The magazine will also include informational articles and artworks to contextualize the experiences that are highlighted in the character profiles. Based on research about this topic we will conclude the magazine with plans and effective methods for interventions to address the pesticide exposure issue.

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