Psychedelics: Unpacked

3rd Place, People's Choice, Winter 2020 (tied)

By: Pauline Tze, Katherine Reckamp, Jessica Rauch, and Max Estabrook

A magazine about therapeutic potential of psychedelics.

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“This magazine will serve as an interdisciplinary look into the controversies surrounding the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. For example, if psychedelics are approved for medical use, how will access be regulated? Will this treatment be restricted to those with no other options for psychiatric treatment or, conversely expanded to healthy people to improve their lives? Through comprehensive research into religious and spiritual uses, research of the field, perspectives of recreational and medical users, interviews with professional medical experts, and clinical trial results, this magazine will address the history, current status, and future directions of the field. Through this magazine, we hope you will open your mind to the fascinating world of medicalized psychedelics.”

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