Rolling Times Magazine

By: Jhoana Infante, Miski Abdi, Stuart Key & Melissa Chimwaza

A magazine about the tricky transition to legal weed.

Jhoana Infante, Miski Abdi, Stuart Key & Melissa Chimwaza

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From the magazine:

“In 2016, California became one of ten states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. As the national attitudes begin to shift in favor of marijuana legalization, questions arise as to how states should navigate regulating the substance while it is still illegal under federal law. California in particular is a state of interest due to the high volume of marijuana that is grown in the states Northern Coastal region. Legalization in California has brought to light concerns regarding general public health, medical and academic research, environmental impact, and ever evolving social climates. This essay aims to analyze the transition California has undergone to better understand the challenges law makers face with creating effective regulations that can reign in the illicit industry and convert it into a safely operating legal enterprise. Our essay draws on historical context to provide a more thorough understanding of the stakeholders and conflicts within the marijuana industry. This historical lens also provides us with the opportunity to propose more effective regulation that can repair some of the harm caused by criminalization and mass incarceration in the state.”

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