Sex (Ed) and the City

By: Anne Iwata, Genesis Seo, Janice Xiao, Mario Martinez

We’re here to expose the naked truth about sex ed.

The current state of sex education in the US is abysmal and inconsistent. The US has the highest rate of teen pregnancy compared to other developed nations, and sex ed laws vary from state to state due to many external factors. In this project, presented as a ““sex-ed ed”” class via Google Classroom, we will introduce a critical lens of sex education, provide autonomy to individuals with information about sex, and discuss problems associated with the current state of sex ed and why this is both a social and scientific issue. We will also discuss interventions to create awareness and hopefully lead to meaningful change in the current sex education infrastructure. With these factors in mind, it is our hope that changes in legislation and education will lead to lower unplanned pregnancy and STI rates, greater contraceptive usage, and overall informed decision making.

Take the class!

(To view this class you will need access to Google classroom and use Class code: o5v7yrx)

This is an amazing piece of work. You all ended up putting in a phenomenal amount of work to create a really useful, focused course on all the aspects of sex-ed that we fail to teach but should… thank you for pulling through and making a great project! – Prof. Kelty

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