The Undergraduate Society and Genetics Research Journal

By: Society and Genetics Undergraduate Organization, Racksha Narasimhan, Editor in Chief

The inaugural issue of the Undergraduate-run Society and Genetics Research Journal.

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The Society and Genetics Research Journal at UCLA began with four societal forces don’t exist in a vacuum. These forces act on bodies, and the most dire of them disproportionately impact marginalized by society–people of color, disabled people, LGBTQIA+ people, incarcerated people, homeless people, and other marginalized communities—are relentlessly targeted by the joint forces of racism, ableism, homophobia, discrimination, capitalism, and bigotry. Marginalized people have historically faced the forces of oppression, forces that yield tangible physical, psychological, and emotional struggles they face so that society may no longer ignore them. Read about the unique struggles faced by Latino communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, and about how the racial worldview has for centuries been used to demean people of color. Explore the unique challenges faced by incarcerated people in a prison system that values

So, dear reader, we hope this inaugural edition of the Society and Genetics Research Journal allows you to explore the myriad issues that still plague our society. And yet we also hope that, at the same time, it inspires you. Though all the chaos and pain our world has endured, questioning societal injustices is a foundational step in dismantling these structures. Slowly but surely, somberly but hopefully, we are emerging from the pandemic that took so much from us and yet revealed so much to us. Daybreak is underway. With immense gratitude and optimism for the future, Raksha Narasimhan 2020-21 Society & Genetics Research Journal Editor-in-Chief

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