Materia Medica, Pharmacology & Bioprospecting

The students of SocGen180-Materia Medica
SocGen 20other21

Authors: Jasmine Mariko Reddy, Riya Shah, Emily Burns, Jessica Wakefield, Sareen Manuel, Chris Jamali, Eryn Wilkinson, Swetha Sundaram, Osvaldo Sanchez Fernandez, Fiza Zahra Baloch, Anna Yu, Yasaman Moradian, Arman Soltanzadeh, Maya Barajas-Tavera, Medha Vallurupalli, and Chien-Ling Liu Zeleny

A project integrates literature from multiple disciplines to investigate history of collected knowledge about therapeutic properties of healing substances originated from natural resources. It accomplished through lens of pharmacological studies and applications in historical contexts across different medical cultures. Emphasis on bioprospecting issues of drug discovery, acquisition, testing, and application. These issues include circulation of knowledge in translation, collection, and classification; development in colonial and postcolonial contexts, and emergence of scientific pharmacology, ethnobotany, and ethnopharmacology.