Epigenetics and its Implications on Postgenomic Maternal Health and Eugenics

Adele Huang
SocGen 20other

Epigenetics represents an incarnation of postgenomics that challenges current concepts of race and biological plasticity where reproductive women and the fetus are becoming important frameworks for study.

Genetics, Politics, and the Third Reich

Samantha Marmet
SocGen 20other
Best History Paper Award

Unlike other genocides of the twentieth century, leaders and politicians of the Third Reich aimed to scientifically justify genocide using human genetic sciences.

Mother: The Maternal Experience and Impact on One's Child

Emma Hodge
SocGen 20other

This zine is an exploration of the social, biological, and epigenetic ways in which a mother interacts with her child.

The Co-Evolution of the Permissibility of Genetic Engineering and Parental Obligation

Dayanna Ramirez
SocGen 20other
Award for Best Ethics Paper

Gattaca, a provocative science fiction film, highlights the societal and ethical issues that arise from the current explosion of genetic knowledge and engineering capabilities. This looming threat must be addressed through a bioethical discussion surrounding the roles and responsibilities parents have in the decision-making on gene editing to produce equitable policies in the future.