Contextualization Sterilization: A Discussion of Reproductive Autonomy

Fatima Benitez, Lily Emerson, Annie Moskofian, Kayleigh Ruller
SocGen 2021S
1st Place, People's Choice, Spring 2021

Coercive sterilization may sound like a Twilight Zone practice of the past, but it’s a present day problem evolved from eugenic roots and systemic racism.

DNA Testing for Family Reunification

Belen Bravo, Estrella Urena Cuevas, Alexa Greco, Lily Rosales, Sarah Rutzick
SocGen 2021W
Most Original Perspective on a Topic

DNA testing for family reunification in US immigration cases has opened the doors for some; for others it has highlighted bioethical issues of family, autonomy, justice and fairness, benevolence, privacy, and discrimination.

You, Me & HPV

Hamza Ali, Emma Paine, Erin Spillane, Mishta Stanislaus, Taylor Moseley
SocGen 2021W

600 million infections, 640 thousand new cancer cases, 1 poorly distributed vaccine; this public health crisis is about you, me, and HPV.