A Battle of Two Fronts: Effects of COVID-19 and Social Stigma on the Undocumented Latinx Community in California

Oscar De La Rosa, Ma’ayan Epstein, Hannah Huhn, Anushka Jain, Krupa Prajapati
SocGen 2021W
First Place, UCLA Library Research Prize, 2021 Honorable Mention, People's Choice Spring 2020

This episode of the Intersectional Healthcare podcast focuses on how social stigma, governmental policy, and decades of healthcare disparities have contributed to the increased infection and fatality rates of the undocumented Latinx community within California.

Amplifying Voices: Midwives Mending Maternal Mortality

Karla Arevalo, Ayushi Shroff, Samira Torna, Michelle Tran
SocGen 2021W

Amplifying Voices brings to you the struggles of birthgivers in their journey from pregnancy to postpartum and poses the midwifery model of delivery as a response to maternal mortality.

Beyond the Bounds of Status

Charina Molina, Michelle Nwufo, Brooklyn Robertson, Jocelyn Silva, Ally Zweigle
SocGen 2021W
Most dramatic progress from Week 1 to Week 10

The intergenerational transmission of legislation, biology, and identity between refugee women and children from war-torn nations.

COVID-19 in ICE Detention Centers

Claire Woolson, Elizabeth Tsuang, Hanna Maillard, Leticia Camacho, Raymond Astorga
SocGen 2021W
World in a Grain of Sand Award

ICE detainees are ill and dying, and we need to talk about why. In an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, ICE employees at a detention facility in Adelanto, CA sprayed detainees with HDQ Neutral, a toxic disinfectant, causing skin irritation, nose bleeds, coughing, and nausea.

Cultivating Change: The Board Game

Meg Mahoney, Caitlin Mispagel, Jared Pagal, Nicole Rios
SocGen 2021W
Honorable Mention, People's Choice Spring 2020

Work with your team and the tribe to improve the health and sovereignty of the Diné and Standing Rock Sioux people.

Decriminalize, Destigmatize, Decarcerate

Evelyn Hinojosa, Franchesca Johnson, Emily Mei, Magdalena Palavecino, Ambika Verma
SocGen 2021W
3rd Place, People's Choice, Winter 2021

Is sex work work? Is sex work sex? Read our magazine to discover more the answer and understand the importance of decriminalizing sex work.

DNA Testing for Family Reunification

Belen Bravo, Estrella Urena Cuevas, Alexa Greco, Lily Rosales, Sarah Rutzick
SocGen 2021W
Most Original Perspective on a Topic

DNA testing for family reunification in US immigration cases has opened the doors for some; for others it has highlighted bioethical issues of family, autonomy, justice and fairness, benevolence, privacy, and discrimination.

Forced Hysterectomies in ICE Detention

Madeleine Babb, Pallavi Chandrasekhar, Cora Miller, Jonas Talandis
SocGen 2021W

Forced sterilizations are occurring in an ICE detention center, but experts are not surprised. Here’s why.

Genetics and the Impending Climate Crisis

Shanmitha Arun, Tiarni Chu, Elizabeth Tanner, Eryn Wilkinson
SocGen 2021W

Given the exponential nature of climate change related effects on human society, advancements in reproductive technology could be exactly what humanity needs in order to survive; here, we explore the feasibility of such options as well as their legal, social, and ethical implications.

Lights, Camera, Hygiene Theater!

Judy Chon, Ashley Hong, Josh Moy, Tyler Vu, Ruizhi Wang
SocGen 2021W

You might not be as safe as you think: Why excessive cleaning measures may lead to a false sense of security.

Locked In: The Criminalization and Racialization of Opioid Use Disorder

Daniela Alvarado, Ella Bouris, Emily Kohl, Leah Savage
SocGen 2021W

In this issue of Locked In, we explore the racialized history of the criminalization and medicalization of opioid addiction, and how this inequality has shaped the carceral landscape and lived experiences of incarcerated folks in America today: if the opioid epidemic is seen as a white issue, then why are Black and brown people primarily the ones in prison for it?

Meat & Masculinity: The Game

Sarah Brecher, Ericko Anderson Halim, Daniel Javier-Martinez, Niaz Sassounian
SocGen 2021W
1st Place, People's Choice, Winter 2021

Play Meat & Masculinity: The Game and establish plant based influence to stop the spread of toxic masculinity!

Our Brains on Pollutants

Lauren Beckett, Niyanta Joshi, Miranda Le, Kevin Sun
SocGen 2021W
Award for pushing the limits of the form

We are on the cusp of a neurological epidemic. The culprit: environmental pollution.

The Cost of Fashion

Brittney Le, Catie Tanji, Gabriela Aguilar, Isabella Masserman, Salma Quintanilla
SocGen 2021W

Our project discusses the various problems that are mitigated by the fast fashion industry, including: the exploitation of mainly women and children garment workers, the environmental effects that leads to a climate crisis, as well as creating inhabitable communities in low and middle income countries.

The Poison in Production: Exposing the chemical shackles behind 'farm to table in the California Central Valley

Alex Nechaev, Lulu Fan, Roselyn Mai, Valeria Rojas
SocGen 2021W

An interactive experience exposing the inescapability of pesticides through the eyes of two fieldworkers in the California Central Valley.

The Racialized Face: Facial Recognition Technology and Histories of Criminalization

Jessica Castro, Emily Davidson, Sarah Isen
SocGen 2021W
2nd Place, People's Choice, Winter 2021

Is facial recognition technology really a scientific and cultural advancement, or will it only continue the historical tradition of criminalizing faces of color under the guise of scientific objectivity?

You, Me & HPV

Hamza Ali, Emma Paine, Erin Spillane, Mishta Stanislaus, Taylor Moseley
SocGen 2021W

600 million infections, 640 thousand new cancer cases, 1 poorly distributed vaccine; this public health crisis is about you, me, and HPV.