A Rave New World: the past, present, & future of psychedelic medicine

Jessica Samuels, Remi Lathrop, Siri Potluri
SocGen 2021S

Get lost in the rabbit hole reading about the clinical research, legalization, and the eventual equitable integration of psychedelics back into society.

Contextualization Sterilization: A Discussion of Reproductive Autonomy

Fatima Benitez, Lily Emerson, Annie Moskofian, Kayleigh Ruller
SocGen 2021S
1st Place, People's Choice, Spring 2021

Coercive sterilization may sound like a Twilight Zone practice of the past, but it’s a present day problem evolved from eugenic roots and systemic racism.

Eaten by the Rich: Fixing Food Systems

Aaurshi Kapoor, Brianna Parrington, Raksha Narasimhan
SocGen 2021S
3rd Place, People's Choice, Spring 2021

How the diet industry, corporations, and the government manipulate our perceptions of food.

Healing from the Habit, an analysis of alcoholism treatment in the United States

Artin Allahverdian, Erin Kim, Kate Manganaro, Meredith Steinberg
SocGen 2021S

From hitting the bottle to quitting it, the popularity of Alcoholics Anonymous as a road to recovery from alcoholism is stark, but does it work for everyone?

Medicating for Success

Grace Yang, Harmonie Ahuna, Neha Joshi, Yoshiko Kohlwes
SocGen 2021S
2nd Place, People's Choice, Spring 2021

Prescription amphetamine abuse is America’s epidemic level drug problem that you probably don’t know about.

More than Wellness Talkshow - Billy's Bacteria

Maria Pablo, Nina Gautam, Rosalinda Moreno
SocGen 2021S

A talk show discussing different aspects of antibiotic overprescription and resistance, the gut microbiome and child development, including interesting differences between Bangladesh and the U.S.

Nutrition Fiction: How food marketing manipulates you and your health

Adrienne Long, Lilia Diaz, Luis Cortes, Sydney Barnett
SocGen 2021S

Who really decides what goes in your grocery cart? It may be the puppeteers behind nutrition decisions.

Oregon Psilocybin Community Coalition: The Future of Measure 109

Daisy Yan, Jumana Roufail, Nell Mitchell, Talisa Rodarte
SocGen 2021S

The Oregon Psilocybin Community Coalition is a social enterprise committed to ensuring safe, effective, equitable, historically informed, and sustainable implementation of Measure 109, psilocybin assisted therapy in Oregon – the first legal and medical-based psilocybin measure in the United States.

Overmedication in the Child Welfare System

Emma Miltenberger, Jennifer Narvaez, Gabriela Ramirez-Vides, Giselle Villanueva
SocGen 2021S

Children in foster care are medicated at a rate 4 times higher than the national average: This must change.

Prisons & Pandemics

Jasmin Argueta, Fiza Baloch, Juliet Ottenberg
SocGen 2021S

The blunt dehumanization of prisoners amidst a pandemic is something we must all call into question.

The Dark Side of the Wellness Industry

Abigail Ellstrom, Atreyi Mitra, Bianca Nguyen, Kara Justeson
SocGen 2021S
World in a Grain of Sand Award

Is goop based on pseudoscience or science and to what extent are they engaging in cultural appropriation?