Blue Zones: For Profit or For the People

Yitz Jacobson, Sarah Snyder, Michael Xu
SocGen 2020S

Blue Zones are the epitome of health, with communities there living longer and healthier than the rest of the world; however, are the researchers using these lifestyles to help the masses or are they using them to make a profit?

Eaten by the Rich: Fixing Food Systems

Aaurshi Kapoor, Brianna Parrington, Raksha Narasimhan
SocGen 2021S
3rd Place, People's Choice, Spring 2021

How the diet industry, corporations, and the government manipulate our perceptions of food.

Gut Gurus!

Millie Kirchberg, Michelle Hao, and Audrey Smith
SocGen 2020W

A podcast panel discussing the link between the gut microbiome and mental health.