Alzheimer's Disease and Race

Seda Shirinian, Michelle Lajoe, and Joey Narez
SocGen 2020W

A podcast about how Alzheimer’s disease intersects with race and socioeconomic status.

Birth Control and the Brain!

Alexis Castro, Gabriela Gutierrez, Shannee Mak, and Victoria Solkovits
SocGen 2020W

A podcast about the effects of oral birth control on women’s health, sexuality, and futures.

Fauxgue, The Obesity Magazine

Lisa Bang, Tara Shooshani, Sarah Tan, and Connie Tran
SocGen 2020W

A magazine about the the obesity paradox and the complex bio-social aspects of fat.

Flint Magazine

Ashley Ramirez, Jana Lang, Jessenya Reyes, & Shanti Shrestha
SocGen 2020W

A magazine about the Flint water crisis and minority experience.

Gut Gurus!

Millie Kirchberg, Michelle Hao, and Audrey Smith
SocGen 2020W

A podcast panel discussing the link between the gut microbiome and mental health.

Neo-natal Abstinence Syndrome

Michelle Bui, Grace Huynh, Catherine Pham, Kelly Salinas
SocGen 2020W

A podcast about the neonatal abstinence syndrom and the biological, social, legal, and human effects of the opiod crisis.

Opioid Crisis Education and Advocacy Network (OCEAN) Final Project

Adele Huang, Clara Nguyen, Jared Ortaliza, and Minh Pham Tran
SocGen 2020W
Award for pushing the limits of the form

A non-profit organization designed to fight the opioid epidemic through community organizing and coalition building.

Organ Trafficking in Egypt

Derek Taylor, Kiana Charles, and Rachael Hua
SocGen 2020W
Award for courage in addressing a difficult topic

A podcast about the illegal trade in organs in Egypt and the refugees who are its victims.

Reefs: The HBS Way

Adam Eliav, Ashley Fallon, and Luis Lopez
SocGen 2020W
Award for including the planet in the HBS Way

A magazine about the global threat to coral reeds and what it means for humans.

The Migration Journey

Manvir Dhaliwal, Joselyn Figueroa, Alex Laforteza, and Joseph Ngyuen
SocGen 2020W

A Card Game that introduces you to the stessful health effects of coming to the US.