COVID-19 and Immigration Detention Centers

Natalie Hardiman, Kurt Panganiban, Nathan Rivas, Arshee Shaikh, Alissa Stanley
SocGen 2020S
Award for pushing the limits of the form

Close quarters, rapidly changing policies, and imminent danger…the realities of COVID-19 in immigration detention centers.

Invisible in India

Becky Marin-Arellano, Heidi Choi, Manali Ghadiali, Rithik Kumar, Sara Jorde
SocGen 2020S
Honorable Mention, People's Choice Spring 2020

Invisible in India is a game that teaches you about the challenges of the novel coronavirus through the perspective of various internal migrant workers, the “invisible” people that uphold the democratic nation.

Organ Trafficking in Egypt

Derek Taylor, Kiana Charles, and Rachael Hua
SocGen 2020W
Award for courage in addressing a difficult topic

A podcast about the illegal trade in organs in Egypt and the refugees who are its victims.

The Migration Journey

Manvir Dhaliwal, Joselyn Figueroa, Alex Laforteza, and Joseph Ngyuen
SocGen 2020W

A Card Game that introduces you to the stessful health effects of coming to the US.