Choose Your Own Adventure: The EDC Multiverse

Jordan Lo, Mominah Subhan, Minh-Tram Tran, Elizabeth Trueman, Jedrick Zablan
SocGen 2022W

Play this interactive game by stepping into the shoes of women with differing socioeconomic backgrounds to learn more about how endocrine disrupting chemicals affect women’s reproductive health!


Uday Birdi, Rachel Chau, Michelle Le, Luc Lorain, Victoria Luu
SocGen 2022W
A deep dive into the effects of EDCs on gender and the environment Read the Magazine Download a copy “They’re turning the friggin frogs gay!” Yes. These are the words spewed out by Alex Jones, conservative talk show host for the infamous InfoWars. It’s easy to observe the palpable farce from this tirade (not to mention the strong notes of homophobia and transphobia in this rant). Yes reader, what he says is discriminatory.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Alysa Rallistan, Anna Jovin, Brandon Abdi, Gabrielle Cua, Taylor Webb
SocGen 2022W

Should Genetically Modified Mosquitoes be used to limit the spread of vector-borne diseases?

Marijuana & Endocrine Disruption: Past, Present, Future?

Monica Soliman, Nathan Tran, Medha Vallurupalli
SocGen 2022W
Honorable Mention, People's Choice Winter 2022 Marijuana is the second most used substance in the country. Find out more about the past, present, and future of marijuana biology, research, and law! Read the Magazine on Canva Marijuana is one of the most commonly used substances in the United States, second only to alcohol and yet the scientific community is unable to come to a consensus when it comes to the risks and benefits of marijuana use. While marijuana remains a widely-used drug, research on its health effects has been federally restricted due to policies (The Controlled Substances Act and the War on Drugs) that were not based in science, but rather false perceptions and biases.

The Game of the Uterus

Amy Kumar, Jamie Hsu, Julia Cheng, Tiffany Jackson, Yuqing Huang
SocGen 2022W
Illuminating the countless injustices that are experienced by those who menstruate. We seek to dispel the myth that there are a lot of choices and free will when it comes to deciding how to menstruate and that the experience is safe and equitable for all. Our game immerses players into the lives of these individuals and the adversities that challenge the process and maintenance of menstruation. While there are multiple legislative measures that work to control, limit and conceal menstruation, there remains a research gap regarding the health effects that come with using some menstrual products.

The Weaponization of Animals

Anna Yu, Aysia Bondurant, Haley Cowles, Sydni Stewart, Taiye Ojeikere
SocGen 2022W
An exploration of the weaponization of dogs and sharks during the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its effects on the present day. Download a copy Our project looks at the weaponization of animals, specifically dogs and sharks, against Black individuals starting from the Transatlantic Slave Trade and continuing to modern day in the United States. Beginning with a dive into the historical context of animal weaponization, we tie this history into the development and multi-generational transmission of trauma and other psychopathologies, including specific phobias.

Transformative Food Solutions

Maxwell Grollman, Iris Kang, Dayna Pham, Natalie Rodgers, Katelin Tanjuaquio, Sara Taubman
SocGen 2022W
People's Choice Award Winter 2022

A whole package consulting firm: A comprehensive approach to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in food apartheids

Washed: A Closer Look at Clean Beauty

Ryan Moon, Brandon Moore, Freida Raj, Camryn Thomson, Chloe Thorpe
SocGen 2022W

Rinsing away the makeup to unveil the dirty secrets of the cosmetics industry and the clean beauty movement.

Wearing the Skin of Your Neighbor

Annie Hau, Madeline Hlobik, Iqra Irfan, Anna O'Brien, and Megan Wong
SocGen 2022W
How the use of animal-skin clothing for warmth and protection morphed into a fashion phenomenon with unexpected worldwide ramifications Read the magazine on Canva In this magazine, you’ll learn about three main aspects of the animal-skin fashion controversy: 1) the history of animal-skin fashion and its indigenous roots, 2) the modern industrialization of leather and its shortcomings, and 3) the future of animal-skin fashion, whether that be leather, vegan leather, or something entirely different.