Genetics and the Impending Climate Crisis

Shanmitha Arun, Tiarni Chu, Elizabeth Tanner, Eryn Wilkinson
SocGen 2021W

Given the exponential nature of climate change related effects on human society, advancements in reproductive technology could be exactly what humanity needs in order to survive; here, we explore the feasibility of such options as well as their legal, social, and ethical implications.

Genetics, Politics, and the Third Reich

Samantha Marmet
SocGen 20other
Best History Paper Award

Unlike other genocides of the twentieth century, leaders and politicians of the Third Reich aimed to scientifically justify genocide using human genetic sciences.

Society Through DNA: The Search for Answers in Our Genes

Luis Torres
SocGen 20other21

While our humanity leaves us with endless questions, genetics may only be giving us some of the answers.