Born This Way: A Life Course Model of EDC Exposure and Pregnancy

Annabelle Leka, Zoe Liau, Lauren Mungo, Weenta Yacob, Lisa Zhou
SocGen 2023w

How can exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals change your health trajectory before you were even born?

Diving into ControverSEA: Pesticides and Marine Mammals

Karylle Davalos, Natalie Heredia, Naomi Hernandez-Ramirez, Aviana Joiner, Alastair Sterns
SocGen 2023w
Winter 2023 People's Choice Award

Dive into an immersive virtual experience that explores the biological and social intersections of global dependence upon pesticides and its effect on marine mammals.

Frankenfish or Superfood?

Tiffany Chen, Eghosa Ogbeide, Clara Song, Ruby Tang, Jaqueline Villa-Casarrubias
SocGen 2023w

Frankenfish or Superfood? Only time will tell what’s fishing on our plate…

Menstrual Mayhem: We are Not Ovary-Acting

Ethan Manafi, Keeryth Sandhu, Sakeena Siddiq, Mylani Sonico, Erin Tabornal
SocGen 2023w

Explore the hidden realities of menstrual hygiene products, the endocrine disrupting chemicals in their production, and the consequences of endocrine disruption!

Mother, May I? EDCs and (In)fertility

Tara Aiache Reynaud, Sara Aoki, Nare Arakelian, Ryle Eskander, Brittney Hun
SocGen 2023w
Winter 2023 People's Choice Award

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most carcinogenic of them all? Unveiling the hidden world of endocrine disruptors and their relationship with infertility.

Nailed It! : The BS of EDCs in Nail Salons

Alfred Barrion, Grace Choe, Karina Garcia, Karyn How, Kaleb Jimenez
SocGen 2023w

Nailed it! A worker’s module. Click to learn about EDC exposure in nail salons and how to support workers in nail salons.

Panic! at the Household

Bryan Arreola, Olivia Bielskis, Megan Borda, Anisha Chandra, Alyssa Heston
SocGen 2023w

Daily life in Kleenville isn’t boring. Choose-your-own-adventure in this game about EDCs in the household and neighborhood!

The Cost of Beauty

Yasmeen Talaat, Jenna Reppas, Avril Rincon, Emily St. Denis, Sophia Yu
SocGen 2023w

The Cost of Beauty exposes the evils of the cosmetic industry; learn the methods by which beauty standards enforce the usage of cosmetics and put communities at risk to what’s lurking behind their product labels.

Whale Wars

Alexander Vervaet, Ashley Kao, Caitlyn Tran, Jose Camarena, Josh Mendoza
SocGen 2023w

This podcast investigates the “war” over how modern whale populations and whaling activities should be managed.