Beyond the Bounds of Status

Charina Molina, Michelle Nwufo, Brooklyn Robertson, Jocelyn Silva, Ally Zweigle
SocGen 2021W
Most dramatic progress from Week 1 to Week 10

The intergenerational transmission of legislation, biology, and identity between refugee women and children from war-torn nations.

Choose Your Own Adventure: The EDC Multiverse

Jordan Lo, Mominah Subhan, Minh-Tram Tran, Elizabeth Trueman, Jedrick Zablan
SocGen 2022W

Play this interactive game by stepping into the shoes of women with differing socioeconomic backgrounds to learn more about how endocrine disrupting chemicals affect women’s reproductive health!

Nailed It! : The BS of EDCs in Nail Salons

Alfred Barrion, Grace Choe, Karina Garcia, Karyn How, Kaleb Jimenez
SocGen 2023w

Nailed it! A worker’s module. Click to learn about EDC exposure in nail salons and how to support workers in nail salons.