Burden of Blame

Adrija Chakrabarty, Madison Thantu, Nimah Rashid, Sandhya Murgan, Sohini Halder
SocGen 2020S
3rd Place, People's Choice, Spring 2020

Why misattributing blame for the spread of COVID-19 is historically redundant. And dangerous.

COVID-19 & Homelessness

Vanessa De La Torre, Michelle Dickey, Huongly Do, Ellie Kim, Jazmine Salazar
SocGen 2020S

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the biological and social well-being of our unhoused neighbors.

COVID-19 and Immigration Detention Centers

Natalie Hardiman, Kurt Panganiban, Nathan Rivas, Arshee Shaikh, Alissa Stanley
SocGen 2020S
Award for pushing the limits of the form

Close quarters, rapidly changing policies, and imminent danger…the realities of COVID-19 in immigration detention centers.

Geriatric Guradians: Social Isolation in the Geriatric Population

Vardaan Bal, Esperanza Ceja, Shreya Jaipuriyar, Lindsay Masukawa, Estelle Yao
SocGen 2020S

We’re trying to protect the elderly from COVID-19 via social distancing - but how much harm comes with social isolation for the geriatric population? Learn from an advocacy group battling elderly loneliness.

Get Schooled: COVID-19 and Its Impact on Educational Racial Disparities,

Aya Shokair, Lindsay Pistorius, Sai Sreenivasan, Shemms Najjar, Shivali Raja
SocGen 2020S
2nd Place, People's Choice Award, Spring 2020

A close examination on how the complex interplay of the 2019 novel coronavirus influences the United States Education System, presented as an online classroom.

Invisible in India

Becky Marin-Arellano, Heidi Choi, Manali Ghadiali, Rithik Kumar, Sara Jorde
SocGen 2020S
Honorable Mention, People's Choice Spring 2020

Invisible in India is a game that teaches you about the challenges of the novel coronavirus through the perspective of various internal migrant workers, the “invisible” people that uphold the democratic nation.

Pandemics, PPE, and Preparedness for the Future: An Interactive Activity

Ariella Sarkissian, Gwyneth Huynh, Katherine Zhuo, Kendall Sui, and Steven Gutierrez
SocGen 2020S
Award for pushing the limits of the form

Why is PPE important to preparedness? Take this activity from the perspective of 5 characters to understand the complexities of PPE, preparedness, and COVID-19.

Think Tank: Covid-19 x Preparedness

Hannah El-Sabrout, Tasnia Haider, Chantel Thomas-Nguyen, Mili Patel
SocGen 2020S

We are a health systems comparative think tank that dives into an interdisciplinary analysis of South Korea and the United States, creating a proposal to improve preparedness for pandemics such as COVID-19.