A Rave New World: the past, present, & future of psychedelic medicine

Jessica Samuels, Remi Lathrop, Siri Potluri
SocGen 2021S

Get lost in the rabbit hole reading about the clinical research, legalization, and the eventual equitable integration of psychedelics back into society.

Birth Control and the Brain!

Alexis Castro, Gabriela Gutierrez, Shannee Mak, and Victoria Solkovits
SocGen 2020W

A podcast about the effects of oral birth control on women’s health, sexuality, and futures.

Burden of Blame

Adrija Chakrabarty, Madison Thantu, Nimah Rashid, Sandhya Murgan, Sohini Halder
SocGen 2020S
3rd Place, People's Choice, Spring 2020

Why misattributing blame for the spread of COVID-19 is historically redundant. And dangerous.

Epigenetics and its Implications on Postgenomic Maternal Health and Eugenics

Adele Huang
SocGen 20other

Epigenetics represents an incarnation of postgenomics that challenges current concepts of race and biological plasticity where reproductive women and the fetus are becoming important frameworks for study.

Genetics, Politics, and the Third Reich

Samantha Marmet
SocGen 20other
Best History Paper Award

Unlike other genocides of the twentieth century, leaders and politicians of the Third Reich aimed to scientifically justify genocide using human genetic sciences.

Male Birth Control: Where is it?

Annika Gillam, Ana Zepeda-Gutierrez, Katie Mann
SocGen 2020S

A magazine exploring reasons why male birth control does not exist yet.

Solitary: A Critical Look at Solitary Confinement in American Penitentiaries

Jason Sanchez, Kendall Chaffin, Lauren Trent, Ruby Lake, Wes Hardin
SocGen 2020S
Award for courage in addressing a difficult topic

A magazine that dives into the ethical, legal, sociological, and scientific controversies surrounding solitary confinement in America’s most secure prison facilities and confronts the criminalization of race and mental illness, and the ongoing militarization of our prison systems.