COVID-19 & Homelessness

Vanessa De La Torre, Michelle Dickey, Huongly Do, Ellie Kim, Jazmine Salazar
SocGen 2020S

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the biological and social well-being of our unhoused neighbors.

COVID-19 and Immigration Detention Centers

Natalie Hardiman, Kurt Panganiban, Nathan Rivas, Arshee Shaikh, Alissa Stanley
SocGen 2020S
Award for pushing the limits of the form

Close quarters, rapidly changing policies, and imminent danger…the realities of COVID-19 in immigration detention centers.

Get Schooled: COVID-19 and Its Impact on Educational Racial Disparities,

Aya Shokair, Lindsay Pistorius, Sai Sreenivasan, Shemms Najjar, Shivali Raja
SocGen 2020S
2nd Place, People's Choice Award, Spring 2020

A close examination on how the complex interplay of the 2019 novel coronavirus influences the United States Education System, presented as an online classroom.

Locked In: The Criminalization and Racialization of Opioid Use Disorder

Daniela Alvarado, Ella Bouris, Emily Kohl, Leah Savage
SocGen 2021W

In this issue of Locked In, we explore the racialized history of the criminalization and medicalization of opioid addiction, and how this inequality has shaped the carceral landscape and lived experiences of incarcerated folks in America today: if the opioid epidemic is seen as a white issue, then why are Black and brown people primarily the ones in prison for it?

Neo-natal Abstinence Syndrome

Michelle Bui, Grace Huynh, Catherine Pham, Kelly Salinas
SocGen 2020W

A podcast about the neonatal abstinence syndrom and the biological, social, legal, and human effects of the opiod crisis.

Solitary: A Critical Look at Solitary Confinement in American Penitentiaries

Jason Sanchez, Kendall Chaffin, Lauren Trent, Ruby Lake, Wes Hardin
SocGen 2020S
Award for courage in addressing a difficult topic

A magazine that dives into the ethical, legal, sociological, and scientific controversies surrounding solitary confinement in America’s most secure prison facilities and confronts the criminalization of race and mental illness, and the ongoing militarization of our prison systems.

The Migration Journey

Manvir Dhaliwal, Joselyn Figueroa, Alex Laforteza, and Joseph Ngyuen
SocGen 2020W

A Card Game that introduces you to the stessful health effects of coming to the US.