2028: That's Fracked Up--Environmental and Social Impacts of Fracking

Christoper Jamali, Gabby Le, Ramya Natarajan, Swetha Sundaram, and Harrison Wang
SocGen 2020F

We analyze the political, social, racial, and health implications of fracking near communities, which has released a host of air and water chemicals into local neighborhoods..

Epigenetics and its Implications on Postgenomic Maternal Health and Eugenics

Adele Huang
SocGen 20other

Epigenetics represents an incarnation of postgenomics that challenges current concepts of race and biological plasticity where reproductive women and the fetus are becoming important frameworks for study.

Flint Magazine

Ashley Ramirez, Jana Lang, Jessenya Reyes, & Shanti Shrestha
SocGen 2020W

A magazine about the Flint water crisis and minority experience.

Mother, May I? EDCs and (In)fertility

Tara Aiache Reynaud, Sara Aoki, Nare Arakelian, Ryle Eskander, Brittney Hun
SocGen 2023w
Winter 2023 People's Choice Award

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most carcinogenic of them all? Unveiling the hidden world of endocrine disruptors and their relationship with infertility.

Reefs: The HBS Way

Adam Eliav, Ashley Fallon, and Luis Lopez
SocGen 2020W
Award for including the planet in the HBS Way

A magazine about the global threat to coral reeds and what it means for humans.

The Cost of Fashion

Brittney Le, Catie Tanji, Gabriela Aguilar, Isabella Masserman, Salma Quintanilla
SocGen 2021W

Our project discusses the various problems that are mitigated by the fast fashion industry, including: the exploitation of mainly women and children garment workers, the environmental effects that leads to a climate crisis, as well as creating inhabitable communities in low and middle income countries.

Wearing the Skin of Your Neighbor

Annie Hau, Madeline Hlobik, Iqra Irfan, Anna O'Brien, and Megan Wong
SocGen 2022W

How the use of animal-skin clothing for warmth and protection morphed into a fashion phenomenon with unexpected worldwide ramifications.